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Degen Displays

Portrait - NFT Acrylic Glass Display

Regular price $150.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $150.00 USD

This Portrait acrylic NFT display frame is carefully hand-crafted from a 1/8 inch premium acrylic glass sheet which is then polished for a glossy finish.

  • 1/8 inch premium grade acrylic glass.
  • Beautiful polished + beveled, smooth edges.
  • Ultra high quality gloss print.
  • Easy-hang frame (see images)

**Please note you will not receive the image of the NFT pictured above this is a placeholder for demonstration purposes only.**


Please upload a high resolution image of your NFT on the red button labeled "UPLOAD NFT". This will help us streamline our production and get your display produced much faster.

For this display option please ignore all the fields that are labeled with 🔴, this is only required for our Degenerate NFT Acrylic Glass Display.

Please pay close attention to all the details and information you send in the fields above. We will no be held responsible for mistakes after it's printed. If the mistake was our fault then we will happily replace your display. I will be sending a mockup file to you so you can verify design either by email or twitter DM.

If for some reason you forget to fill out the forms after checkout please send us an email to and provide us the following information:

1. High resolution image of your NFT or solscan/etherscan URL of your NFT's token/mint address.
2. Project name, NFT ID number.
3. Provide a link for us to make the QR code. (QR code can lead to NFT's solscan token address, your twitter account, project website, or anywhere you'd like.)

Custom Dimensions:
If none of our sizes fit your needs and would like to have a custom sized display made please send us an email to and we'll quote you on your request.

Payment Information:
At checkout payments can be made with: USD, USDC, BTC, ETH.

If you would like to pay in SOL or any other crypto alternative please send us an email to and we'll manually process your order.

Shipping Information:
📦 US Only Standard Shipping (FREE) - Please allow 5-14 business days for delivery, please remember each piece is hand-crafted with a lot of care.

📦 International Standard Shipping ($25) - Please allow 5-20 business days for delivery, please remember each piece is hand-crafted with a lot of care.