New Mint Discount

Gm fellow degen/degenette?,

If you're reading this it's because you're interested in a nice hefty discount from yours truly. Well, you've come to the right place. So what exactly is the New Mint Discount?

I'll explain below:

Our New Mint Discount offers any person (returning or new customer) a sizable 10% discount when they decide to order a physical mint of a project we have yet to mint.

How to know which projects we've minted?

Glad you asked!

Every project we physically mint will be listed on this page (So bookmark and save it for future reference). We will update it every time we receive a new project to mint.

Pretty easy right? 

But now here's how you claim your discount:

Send us an email to (or use the contact form here) and title the subject line "New Mint Discount". Next add a high resolution image of your NFT(s) and hit send. Lastly, we'll then reply to your email with your 10% discount link which can be applied at checkout. 

Fair enough?

Now here's the list of projects we have physically minted so far:

- ThugMonkez (Solana)

- DeGods (Solana)

- Unicorn Sol Club (Solana)

- Baby Apes (Solana)

- Francesca Fini (Tezos)

- Kingdom Of Dwarves (Solana)