Our Story

The year was 2021... Bored apes we're being sold for millions of dollars, pixelated punks had become the biggest digital flex in the history of mankind... And all because of one simple utility NFT's provided:

Proof of ownership.

But now there was a new problem to be solved. Although we could now claim ownership over digital artworks -- Naturally the next step was to bring them into the REAL WORLD where they could be admired, revered and serve as an iconic reminder in your living room wall of that time you sniped a rank #44 near the floor...

DEGEN DISPLAYS was born out of the human need for physical touch and need to be surrounded by beauty. It was founded on the principle that we could offer you tangible relic which could be passed down to future generations, given as present or maybe as a way to incentivize an indecisive collector to buy your piece over the other thousands from the collection for a profitable flip.

Whatever the case may be DEGEN DISPLAYS is here to make your digital art into physical reality.