gm, welcome to DEGEN DISPLAYS

We physically mint your favorite NFT's into the real world.

From your digital wallet into beautifully hand-crafted, polished acrylic displays you can hang on your wall.

Here's what some degens are saying about our displays...

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You Mint In The Metaverse, We Mint In Real Life

Every piece is carefully hand-crafted from a 1/8 inch premium acrylic sheet which is then polished for a glossy finish.

That's not all... Each frame has beautifully beveled edges for smooth, sleek and modern clean look.

If you like how your NFTs look in your wallet, you'll love the way it they look on your wall.

More Customer Reviews

"@DEGENDISPLAYS knocked this one out of the park! My @UnicornSolClub#NFT looks incredible IRL. Just wait until you see what they do next..." - Chris Cochran

"I love how this turned out. I recommend everyone to hit up @DEGENDISPLAYS I know the @DeGodsNFT community will want a few framed. Especially after I show off the other piece that is being shipped haha

Thanks again man!" - Matthew

"Yo man i just opened the degod 😍holy fuck man. I took it over to my boys house and opened it there. All of them have degods that were there and were amazed. They want one too. I can’t even believe the quality of work. It’s amazing man. Thank you so much." - Tonky (33.3%)